Public & Commercial Use of Tech Trademarks

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Public Use of Georgia Tech Trademarks

Community noncommercial use of Georgia Tech trademarks may not require a license but does require permission. Examples include, but are not limited to, wedding or birthday cakes, headstones, and boat decals.

In order to receive approval, complete the Community permission form and secure approval, in writing, from the Licensing Department.

Commercial Use of Georgia Tech Trademarks

Use of Georgia Tech's trademarks by schools (K-12) and amateur community sports teams is limited to the word "Yellow Jackets" and the Buzz trademark, and requires a limited license agreement between the organization and Georgia Tech. Information on obtaining a limited license agreement for your organization can be obtained by contacting the Licensing Department at

Anyone wishing to use the name or marks of Georgia Tech for commercial purposes to promote a business or drive sales must obtain a license. To learn more about the licensing process, please review the "About Licensing" page.

The use of a Georgia Tech mark in advertisements, motion pictures, and on promotional items also requires a licensing fee.